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     Outpatient service
    • Conventional outpatient service, adult preventative healthcare, women’s healthcare
    • Pediatrics, children’s preventative healthcare
    • Chronic diseases
    • Family planning
    • Separation of dispensing practice from medical practice
    • Physical examination, administration inspection
     Disease prevention service
    • Prevention of acute infectious diseases: cholera, typhoid, encephalitis B, measles, infantile paralysis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, German Measles, malaria, Dengue fever, enterovirus, influenza and SARS.
    • Chronic infectious disease prevention: parasites, trachoma, blackfoot disease, venereal disease, leprosy, PCBs
    • Community chronic disease prevention and screening: high blood pressure, diabetes
    • Hepatitis prevention: hepatitis B and C inoculation consultation and prevention promotion.  
    • Infant and school children inoculation, tracking and re-inoculation.
    • Infected area disinfection, control and management of disinfectants.
     Combined health management
    • Promotion of women’s and children’s health and parental care.
    • Women’s cancer prevention: breast cancer, cervical cancer (smear test).
    • Oral cavity cancer, intestinal cancer, rectum cancer prevention
    • Family planning: childbirth and foreign spouses, special groups
    • Nursery, kindergarten health management.
    • Middle and old age individual case management.
    • Three highs (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat) individual case management, renal disease prevention.
    • Tobacco control.
    • Health education and health education project, promotion, coordination, individual and group health education consultation.
    • Adolescent sex education, promotion and antidrug promotion.
    • Long-term care management, home service
    • Township community first aid support.
    • Occupational health promotion
    • Combined healthcare and family visit.
    • Senior citizen health promotion
     Business health service
    • Business venue health inspection, assistance for establishing self-management.
    • Business venue health equipment inspection.
    • Business health employee health inspection and counseling.
    • Business health employee health lectures.
     Occupational health service
    • Factory environmental heath facility and work environment inspection/counseling.
    • Occupational disease investigation and prevention.
    • Labor health inspection and health education.
    • Designated labor health inspection medical institution quality assessment.
    • Occupational labor health promotion.
     Medical administration management and assistance.
    • Inspection of medical hospitals and unlicensed doctors and medical practitioner investigation and enforcement.
    • Medical institution opening and practicing application, medical practitioner practice change and business closure.
    • Handling of illegal medical advertising.
    • Medical waste water and waste disposal counseling.
    • Ambulance inspection.
    • Perennial training and civil defense training.
    • Medical history, prescription production, management and preservation.
    • Disaster first aid and sports event first aid.
    • Separation of dispensing practice from medical practice.
     Medical Administration Management Section
    • Process the establishment of pharmaceutical firm (store), application for alteration, pharmaceutical firm (store) census.
    • Process drug and cosmetics management in collaboration with the Public Health Bureau.
    • Amphetamine health education and promotion.
    • Controlled drug management.
    • Illegal drug investigation and enforcement.
    • Drug advertising management.
    • Unlicensed firm investigation
     Food Health Management Section
    • Food manufacturer auditing and management.
    • Catering health management.
    • Investigation of inferior food and illegal food advertising.
    • Food health inspection.
    • Food poisoning investigation
    • Public catering venue health inspection counseling and improvement.
    • Catering venue inspection, counseling and management.
    • School lunch inspection.
    • Illegal food processing and enforcement.
    • Encourage caterers to create smokeless restaurants.
    • Assist the Public Health Bureau to enforce spot inspections of festival foodstuffs and deliver them to the Public Health Bureau for inspection in order to ensure the health of the public.
    • Nutritional health education: Improves the nutrition of citizens.
     Public health inspection
    Processes various health inspections, including venereal diseases (syphilis, gonorrhea), foodstuffs, hepatitis B and C, malaria, blood sugar, sugar, etc.
     Mental health management
    • Mental health promotion
    • Substance (drug) abuse promotion.
    • Mental health management.