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    Groundbreaking ceremony of integrated long-term care center which will provide medical services and long-term solutions to disadvantaged groups such as senior citizens and rare disease patients. Print
      Update Time:2017-09-18 14:29

    In accordance with the central government's Long Term Care Policy 2.0, Kaohsiung City Government started the planning phase in 2015 for a Department of Health (DOH) led integrated medical campus whose main building is a 10-story high-rise with 2 stories underground. The high-rise, projected to complete in 2019, will provide both western and traditional Chinese medical services from a range of providers, including the Chinese Medicine Hospital, Kaixuan Psychiatric Hospital's mental health infirmary ward and rehabilitation center, Minsheng Hospital's rare disease special needs center, and DOH's administrative organs. The new medical complex will be the first of its kind nationwide to provide whole person healthcare covering both physical and mental disabilities to senior citizens and will also house DOH's hundreds of personnel from its Division of Mental Health, obviating the need to renovate and modernize an old, existing building finished in 1961 at DOH's original site, and the considerable saving had reduced Kaohsiung City Government's financial burden. The circular light rail line will have a subway stop at the new DOH led healthcare campus for the convenience of city residents.