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  • Tzukuan District is located in between Kaohsiung’s Ciaotou, Mituo and Gangshan; its geography is elongated with one side facing the ocean while the other three sides are surrounded by plains. The area covers 11.595km2, with a population of close to 40,000; its territory includes the four major old villages of Tzukuan, Tashe, Chihkan and Kezailiao, while the new administration area covers 15 Lis such as: Zihshen, Zihyi, Zihhe, Zihping, Jhonglun, Tongan, Tashe, Chihdong, Chihsi, Chihkan, Like, Jhihke, Shenke, Jiadong and Dianbao. Southern Tzukuan is a coastal area and residents are mainly involved in fishing, while northern Tzukuan is mainly comprised of plains and the residents are mainly involved in agriculture. Recently, due to the flourishing development of the industry, commerce and factories, some residents are moving towards industry and commerce; however, their ordinary lifestyle has maintained its traditional characteristics.


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